Bringing Light

Kobold Hall
Kobold Hall

Two dragonborn, heavily armored arrived in Fallcrest this morning from the south gate. A little while later a human carrying two bastardswords arrived from the west. Coincidence had it that they met at one of the local inns and were joined with other townsfolk who were hoping to use these strangers to change their current life. A dwarf fighter, the nephew of the town’s smith wanted to join the adventurers to go out and look for his father, also an adventurer. Althea, an eladrin wizard, decided she could not master the arcane arts at the pace she desired if she remained in Fallcrest. An eladrin warlock/drunk, figured he had to do something to earn gold so he could buy more alcohol and eventually weapons to revenge the dead of his parents. The human, is in search of a couple of magical compasses and others of her people. A halfling rogue, wanted to join them because it became a little to hot for him to stay in the small village.

The dragonborn, devout followers of Erathis, visited the temple of Erathis and asked if they could be of assistance. The high priest informed them of a nest of kobolds causing trouble on the road to Winterhaven. The valiant party of course immediately responded by going out and clearing the nest. The kobolds apparantly turned more aggressive the past couple of months due to a white dragon lairing under their hold. In the lair of the dragon several corpses of dwarf merchants were found and the chainmail of Dolgan.


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